An eight-part prequel to the smash hit movie Sione’s Wedding, Duckrockers is a fresh, funny, heart-warming show about Pacific Island teenagers coming of age in inner-city Auckland in 1984. 


Once upon a time in Grey Lynn, four best friends went to a concert - the infamous DD Smash gig in Aotea Square. It was their last day of fourth form, and the first day of an adventure that would change their lives forever. 

After one of them accidentally biffs a bottle into the booze-fueled crowd, a riot erupts, causing city-wide carnage and sending our heroes scuttling for the safety of their suburban homes. But when a newspaper headline blames ‘drunk Polynesian schoolboys’ for kicking off the chaos, Michael, Albert, Sefa and Stan start scrambling for alibis – and after finding out that Stan’s a secret break-dancer, they quickly concoct a cunning plan … only to discover that when you pretend to be a bopping crew, it’s a good idea to know how to bop.

Michael dances like a white boy, Sefa’s got swagger but very little skill, and Albert’s petrified of performing in public - so when the girl of Sefa’s dreams (Leilani) presents her streetwise cousin (Lupe) who’s been dancing on stage since she was four, the Duckrockers discover that girls can do anything, and the fledgling crew is complete.

Quack quack! These ducks are ready to rock … but when they face off against an actual dance crew, who are trying to take over their turf (the basketball court bit of Grey Lynn Park), they realize what rookies they really are.

Sefa challenges their rivals (the Flaw Rubberz) to a showdown, and the Duckrockers find themselves swimming out of their depth, stumbling along in their haphazard glory - all the way to the to All Auckland Bop Champs. 

The series unfolds over the school summer holidays, as our boys (and girls) begin to blossom into adulthood, finding their feet and forging a bond that can never be broken.

Duckrockers is an irreverent yet respectful deep dive into our collective urban past, set in a vibrant multicultural microcosm and featuring the beats and fashions of the iconic eighties. 

Augstino Nansen Ieremia-Seulu
Levi Nansen Ieremia-Seulu
Duane Wichman Evans Jr
Dallas Latogia Malo Halavaka
Rocky Manusaute
Tiare Savea
Lilo Vaigafa
Kael Munro-Nonoa

Director, Writer, Co-creator, Actor
Oscar Kightley
Writer, Actor, Associate Producer
Teuila Blakely
Sima Urale
Producer and Writer
Elizabeth Mitchell
Mario Gaoa
James Griffin